Rev. Michael Beckwith
Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City, California
"The highest law of this world, and I believe probably in this multi dimensional universe, is the law of love… Sometimes men's laws are decadent, they are not in cadence with what is trying to emerge on the planet, and so, you have to break those laws. You have to listen to yourself, not be a sheep, and follow the dictates of your heart."
Ofelia Medina
Actress and activists, Chiapas, Mexico
"Si la humanidad tiene futuro, tiene futuro para todos, o no tiene futuro para nadie." (If humanity has a future, it has a future for all of us or for none of us.)
Father Roy Bourgeois
School of the Americas Watch, Fort Benning, Georgia
"We have to ask that basic question, who are we going to obey; who are we going to follow, Caesar or a loving god? Caesar or our conscience that says to us, killing is wrong?"
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Santa Barbara, California
"We cannot look to authorities anymore. Not, one single head of this nation state, an organized religion or global corporation is my leader; they are not leading me anywhere I want to go. So, who are the leaders? The leaders are people who are authorize from within…"
John Quigly
Environmental activist, Los Angeles, California
"There's global warming, terrorism, over population, it's very easy to go, you know what? We're doomed, we're doomed, there is no way out of this….. But I look at it as it's pushing us, it's trying to bring everything to a boil, and I think what's gonna happen out of that is an evolution in our thinking, and in our way of doing business. And so, I see this as a great birth..."
Chiapas, Mexico
"La autonomía que quiere el pueblo tiene que construir la el propio pueblo. Así el gobierno solo obedece lo que el pueblo dice, lo que el pueblo manda." (The Autonomy that the people want only the people can construct, and so the government only obeys what the people say, what the people order.)
Cindy Sheehan
Peace activist, San Francisco, California
"When is the cycle of violence going to stop? It is only going to stop when we stand up and demand it stops... When the people of the world want peace, the governments better get out of the way. Well trust me, I go around the world, the people want peace."
Brian Wilson
Vietnam Vet and peace activist, Portland, Oregon
"We are in the end, I believe, of this epoc of obedience; obedience to a hierarchy, obedience to an authority figure. We are on the verge of dramatic consciousness shift that becomes an eco-consciousness."
Vandana Shiva
Philosopher, environmental activist, eco feminist and author, Uttarakhand, India
"No government, no money has been powerful enough to displace the indigenous people of the State of Jharkhand from their land."
Agustin Aguayo
Contiouncious objector, Iraq war, California
"I don’t think I am an extraordinary person, I think we are all capable of deciding what right and wrong is and for me it was that basic to realize how wrong war was."
Eisha Mason
Nonviolent educator, KPFK host, Los Angeles, California
"It’s not even about being against the war, it’s about an awakening beyond our fear, beyond the thing that keeps people silent; the thing that keeps us in our home. There is something awakening, and you won’t go back to sleep, and that’s where the real power is, people are awakening and it has its own energy, it has its own momentum."
Ramiro Saravia
Red Tinku, Cochabamba, Bolivia
"Bueno, es un trabajo de organización de los jóvenes, de los vecinos, de las mujeres, de los ecologistas, en redes, en movimiento, para que este proceso de cambio sea dinamizado." (Well it is work of organizing the youth, the neighborhoods, the women, the environmentalists in networks, in movements, to energize this process of change.)
Julia "Butterfly" Hill
Environmental Activist, author, San Francisco, California
"If you are the last person in the world, and you have hope committed in action, there is hope in the world."
Movimiento Sem Terra
"We were brought up to think that each person has to look out only for himself; but when change comes and you organize, you start to think collectively."
Cole Miller
No More Victims, Los Angeles, California
"Forget the government, forget the politicians, we are going nowhere with them. Human being will have to rise to the occasion; we will have to do it ourselves."
Rev James Lawson
Nonviolent educator and speaker, Nashville, Tennessee
"Non-violent power is the only power that can make a difference, in the people who practice it, as well as in the opponents who want to keep things as they are."
Angel Nantip
El Pueblo Shuar, Ecuador
"Yo quisiera llamarles a ustedes para que todos luchemos por la causa de la vida, del ser humano y de todos los seres vivientes… Yo creo que todos hemos hablado de un futuro, de un futuro lleno de humanidad." (I would like to remind you that we all fighting for a the cause of life, human life and all living things, and we all see a future filled with humanity.)
Joan Halifax Roshi
Upya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico
"When a person engages in civil disobedience they are obeying the law of the heart, that's what they are obeying, and that is really, if you will, the law of what it is to really love."
Daniel French
Activist, Los Angeles, California
"And so, I felt that there is a strong distinction between God's law and man's law, between the law that is written in my heart since the day I was born and the law that is written on papers that changes from time to time depending on the politicians, and depending on the lobbyists, and depending on how our people push."
Mark Duboise
The Pachamama Alliance
"When you fall in love with the miracle of this planet, or the miracle of humanity, you can't walk away. And there is hope because everywhere on the planet there is this incredible emergence going on in every single country of the world. There are people who against all the odds make a difference."